Reason why

Sparafucile\Mashica is a group of independent people, organized structurally to communicate an idea.
We sell ideas, without limiting ourselves to any specific media.
We accept only what makes us happy and free to act. We have a light and elastic structure that adapts to the necessities and demands of our projects. Our company has been in operation since 1998, with the main office in Madrid and with projects in several countries in Europe and America. Sparafucile\Mashica’s objective is to produce ideas; we are illustrators, designers, copywriters, programmers, artists, art critics, perpetual students, scientists, philosophers, beggars, waiters and botanists. We present this catalogue, first to introduce ourselves and second, to show off the variety of solutions we offer.

Why this name?
Casandra, daughter of Príamo -King of Troya- and his wife, Hécuba, is the twin sister of Heleno, is also endowed with prophesy power. We all know that Apolus condemned her to never be believed, even though she had the truth, and for this reason she died in hands of the jealous Cletemnestra. But very few know the existence of another of Casandra’s sisters: Mashica. After Casandra’s death, so bloody and cruel, Mashica was deeply affected and promised to revenge her. But she was not a strong and fighting woman; on the contrary, she was thoughtful and accustomed to working in the shadows, she would never be able to kill. So she started to look for a professional murderer. She encountered with a mysterious person, Sparafucile, who inspire her trust. He came from variety shows, some say from a French novel, and other say he was a famous opera singer. He was considered a professional business man, strong and loyal to his ideas, and besides his profession, a man with an honest heart.

He was the man she was looking for.